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We provide consultancy services in the areas of;

  • Education and TVET
  • Competency Development
  • Management and Business Process
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR   
  • Environment

Previous consultancy projects;



Structuring and Activating an Investment Management System in the Arab Potash Company

Arab Potash Company - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Evaluative Study of the Effects of Activating the Governor's Developmental Role in the Governorates

Ministry of Planning – Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Assessment of King Talal Reservoir Sedimentation and Water Quality

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Jordan Valley Authority - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Decentralization & Delegation of Authorities

Ministry of Administration Development - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Feasibility Study for Relocating Port Workers and Residents of Low Income Area (Shabiyah) – Aqaba City

Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Study of the Food Industry Sector in Jordan

Industrial Development Bank - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Support Bodies and Boxes for Research and Development

Higher Council for Science and Technology - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Chemical and Engineering Manufacturing Sectors to Determine Which Products Do Not Have Jordanian Standards

Jordan-United States Business Partnership (JUSBP) - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

The Industrial Policy Study

Jordan-United States Business Partnership (JUSBP) - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Provision of Youth Microbusiness Startup Programme: Skills and Microbusiness Development for Rural Livelihoods and Income Creation in the Sub-Districts of Al-Nashwa and Al-Dayr – Basrah - Iraq

United Nations Developmental Programme – Republic of Iraq

Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM), Participatory Irrigation Management and Dam Safety with Remote Sensing World Bank - Republic of Iraq